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Pam Mallett

Trained as a Gong Practitioner in 2012 with Don Conreaux and then with Sheila Whittaker from the College of Sound Healing in 2012/2013 and have been working with sound ever since. My first sound bath was a profound experience following on from an 8 week Mindfulness meditation course; I became fascinated with the way I felt during and after the session and it has literally changed my life.

I have a keen interest in wellbeing and previously worked as a careers advisor and person-centred counsellor after training with Metanoia Institute. I also have a BSc Hons in Psychology and Art


Jurek Dabrowski

One of my passions in life is sound and music and I am a member of a local community band Garden City Samba where I enjoy playing percussion. I have been assisting my partner Pam who is a sound healer and Gong Practitioner for the last two years and this year I qualified as a Gong Practitioner myself. I love playing the gongs because every session is unique and has the ability to invoke different feelings, emotions and thoughts both on the person playing and the listeners.

What is a Sound Bath

During an hour long session you are bathed in sound from gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, drums and other instruments. Simply come in, lie or sit down on the floor, allow the sound to wash over you. The sound relaxes and soothes your mind and body to rejuvenate and balance your whole being.

Sound Baths are a great way to de-stress, leaving you feeling calm, energised and “in tune”. The deep state of relaxation reached during a sound bath allows the body to heal naturally and creates a feeling of wellbeing.

We use gongs, bowls and other instruments to weave soundscapes that take you on a meditative journey. Come in and settle down and gradually relax as the mind follows the sounds and moves into a state a sound bather described as being both awake and dreaming.

After a Sound Bath people have said they have had deeper sleep, they feel peaceful and less stressed and have a general feeling of well being. People have also said they feel more settled, able to let go of feeling anxious, lifted and in a better mood generally. The best way to appreciate what happens is to come along and try a session.

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